There was a time when rock and roll giants ruled the world: when long hair, denim, and a ragged T-shirt was an indicator of someone worth talking to. The smallest, dingiest clubs were packed wall to wall with kids who spent their hard earned cash on a form of escapism. The sex was sexier, the drugs hit harder, and the music was louder. Oh, what a time to be alive.
      Inevitably, the greats came and went. Hair was trimmed, then cut, then trimmed again; denim was replaced with pastels and pleasant button-downs, and the kids that once despised the system became adults and joined it. The small venues that used to harness so much history were now empty, closed, dead.
The dream was over.
      Since then, rock 'n' roll has been in a coma, waiting for an unknown force to administer a shot of adrenaline. We've managed to fill the void with things to keep us comfortable,  
but the desire to be face to face with the wild still lives in all of us. Being inches away from losing everything is the same as being inches away from freedom.
It's sexy. It's alluring. It's primal.
      It's time to leave our comfort zone and let instinct behind the wheel. See where it takes us. If not for ourselves, then for the stories it will yield.
      Hailing from Lexington, KY, this quartet brings the raw, rebellious energy of rock 'n' roll back into the forefront. 

​​A new era is born.... Long live rock 'n' roll.
" ...a soulful and dirty
 rock experience" - Bradon Scott Hanks,  Shutter 16 Magazine
"It's as if Motorhead and AC/DC had a baby and they're here to steal your lunch money" - Johnathan Newsome,  Capture Kentucky